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JUNE 27th

35% OFF Sunglasses for National Sunglass Day


Come in on Tuesday June 27th and treat yourself to a new pair of sunglasses.














BluTech Lenses

Science has proven that exposure to high energy blue light damages your eyes and has a negative impact on your overall health. This blue light can put one at risk for developing cataracts at an earlier age and macular degeneration.  

Blue light is emitted from-


-Smart Phones



-Gaming Consoles

-The Sun


BluTech lenses are available in both an indoor lens for your everyday pair of glasses and an outdoor lens which is a polarized sun lens. The outdoor BluTech lens also allows you to read your digital devices outdoors without distortion!!  




BluTech lenses are available with or without prescription.


Warranty Information

Lenses are guaranteed for 30 days from the order date.  Any changes that occur during this time will be done at no charge.  After 30 days, any changes will be subject to a fee.


Frame: If your frame breaks under normal wearing conditions, we will repair or replace it for a fee of $15.00 for up to 1 year after the purchase date.  Warranty excludes safety frames.

Lenses: There is a 1 Year Scratch Warranty under normal wearing conditions. A $15.00 lab fee applies to all replacements.

Silhouette Drilled Rimless Frame or Lenses: $30.00