We are excited to have Dr. Trisha Morehouse here helping us see patients. 

A little bit about her is She is married, has 3 young kids, lives in Brookings now but grew up in Parkston SD. She comes from an Ophthalmology clinic background so she is excited about the technology we have here to earlier detect any eye diseases.

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Acuvue 1 Day Moist for Astigmatism -NEW

These brand new lenses have a Blink Stabilized design to help prevent the lens from rotating because of the weights, to correct the astigmatism, to keep vision crisp and clear. They also have Lacreon technology that embeds a wetting agent in the lens to keep the moisture on the eye and not disperse or blink away. So not only to your get a stable lens but superior comfort throughout the day.


PureVision2 HD and PureVision2 HD for Astigmatism Lenses

PureVision2 HD lenses with the High Definition optics are designed to reduce aberration across the enire lens. If you get halos and glare when driving at night, this may just be the lens for you. The PureVision 2 HD for Astigmatism not only helps with the halos and glare but has a design in the lens that prevents the lens from rotate which cause blurry vision while compensating for the astigmatism to give you the crisp clear vision you need.

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       Acuvue TruEyes

        New Daily Disposable Lens


1 Day Acuvue TruEye provides wearers with the unique balance of: Comfortable Health, Visible Health, Everyday Health and Proactive Health.


Comfortable Health

The new lens features HYDRACLEAR 1, an improved formulation of the unique HYDRACLEAR technology that combines high performance base materials with a moisture-rich wetting agent.  HYDRACLEAR 1 provides lasting comfort that wearers can feel consistently on an hourly basis. 


Visible Health

1 DAY ACUVUE TruEye helps keep eyes looking naturally white and healthy, because its unique material allows eyes to breath freely throughout the day.

Everyday Health

A number of studies have shown that daily replacement is the healthiest way to wear contact lenses. By putting in a clean, fresh lens every day, one-day contacts help minimize the potential for build-up of allergens and irritants. Additionally, one-day contact lenses are a more convenient option for wearers because there is no need to clean or store lenses. 


Proactive Health

1 Day ACUVUE TruEye offers patients the highest level of UV protection in a contact lens, blocking more that 96 percent of UV-A rays and 99 percent of UV-B rays that reach the eye.  




Air Optix Aqua Multifocal Contact Lenses  


Introducing Air Optix Multifocal conact lenses, the multifocal solution with an easy fit, excellent vision and comfort. 

 Designed for patients emerging into the bifocal stage (usually approaching age 40) and for the established bifocal patients. It creates smooth transisiton from distance, intermediate to near vision.     


   Contains the AQUA Moisture System for comfort.


Lubricates the lens surface, creating a silky layer that helps the eyelid move over the contact lens.


Maintains moisture by minimizing the rate of lens dehydration


Sustains an ultra-smooth surface with superior wettability and deposit resistance